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by PJ

Definition: To estimate the value, or worth, of, to rate at a certain price; to appraise; to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc.

It is shocking how many people have no self-esteem and place no value on themselves. One of the surest and quickest ways to find out the value one places on him/her self is by observing the value this person places on others. The value we place on others is always measured by the value we place upon ourselves because we cannot confer upon others what we don't possess.

I have encounted more "victims" in my life than I care to count. Most people who live in a continuous victim status have developed their lifestyles with harmful thoughts and habits. They have decided who and what is to blame for all their problems but they almost always excuse themselves. What they fail to see is that it is their own thoughts and actions that have been the seeds for their conditions.

The majority of people on this planet could claim victimization of one kind or another. No one has not suffered wrongs, pains, losses, unjust actions, embarrassment, harrassment, etc. But most people don't stay in victim status.

ADONAI does not want you to live in failure and pain and suffering, physical or emotional. He does not want the past failures to become your future. In fact, He has provided a way for you to recreate your environment. His will for you is nothing but good but it's up to you to follow His will.

Are you tired of being a victim? Do you want to go free to the point you can stop allowing your painful past to take over your present? Then it's time to get rid of fear.



When we truly walk in the love of G-d, we have no fear. Where there is no fear and love is in operation, nothing can truly hurt you. Where nothing can hurt you, it's impossible to remain a victim. Why? As is written in 1 Corinthians 13, "Love never fails."

When we remain "victims" we operate in selfishness. After all, being a victim has its perks no? A victim feels good holding a long grudge making everyone else miserable. Everyone pays attention to a victim. Everyone shows pity to a victim. But actually it turns into selfishness very quickly. So I submit to you that to overcome this situation in our lives, we must move out of fear into love.

One of the striking descriptions of the body of Moshiach is its walking in love and manifesting Yeshua before the entire world. But exactly how are we going to manifest the love of Yeshua to the world if we are not even willing to love one another? It only takes one little person's feelers to get hurt and become a victim that stops an entire move of G-d. But as believers, aren't we ready to move past this yet? When are we going to be willing to love one another?

Romans 5 tells us that the love of G-d is shed abroad in our hearts by Ruach Ha'Kodesh. So are we going to be moved by the love of G-d or by our human feelings? We all have days that are less than perfect and people make mistakes, but is it not time to walk in G-d's love and forgive and just look past the faults of others? When are we going to see outside our petty, small, oftentimes pathetic and selfish worlds to understand that love isn't just to be given to a few people we like to be around but is supposed to be shed abroad to all?

Do you know what stops people from loving others? Are you even sure you want to know? #1 is unforgiveness which is a poison that will kill you instead of the person you are not forgiving and fear. Fear of not controlling a situation. Fear of being perceived as weak and needy. Fear of not measuring up to the status of another. Fear of sin being exposed. Fear of failure. But let me give you some good news. Love never fails.

Is it so difficult to just stop and give another person what that person needs? Almost always the other person needs value conferred upon him/her. Why not place value upon them? Why is it so hard to let go of how "I feel" to consider how "he/she feels."? If we can't walk in love, there's only one other option; selfishness. Life or death.

Love is like any other seed in G-d's kingdom. You have to sow it to receive it back multiplied. Victims are too busy taking to ever give anything.

It's not weakness to tell another person, "I love you and I need you in my life and I don't want to live without you. You are so valuable to me!" And if you think this sounds weak, think again. It's precisely what ADONAI did for you and me when He sent Yeshua. Love is the most powerful force that exists in the universe. And it's this love in us that is supposed to bless those around us.

Yeshua said in Yochanan/John 10 that ha'satan's purpose is to steal, kill and destroy and that His purpose is to give life in all its fullness. So I want you to honestly evaluate yourself today.

Are we going to be thieves and steal? When we take something that belongs to someone else, including their dignity, self-worth and value, isn't that what we become?

Are we going to be killers? When we cut short the lives of others through failure and tension and distress and causing want to be unfulfilled because of our selfishness, isn't killing them what we are doing?

Are we destroyers? When we render people and their lives as less valuable than others to us isn't that what we do? When we add loneliness, evil actions and words, insecurity and unhappiness to the lives of others...aren't we destroying?

WHO is your father? The one stealing, killing and destroying or the one giving life in all its fullness?

Yeshua, not PJ, said "He who has My commandments and KEEPS them, it is he who loves Me." (Yochanan/John 14:21)

If we choose to follow Yeshua. It can be a walk in peace, tranquility, faith, hope, love, abundance, creativity, and handing out love, value and light to others. But for it to be all of this, we have to forgive others and ourselves and let the fear go. Then we can truly know healing, strength, health, achievement, success, prosperity, and it WILL bring Yeshua back to the Earth....AGAIN.

“Scripture quotations taken from the Amplified Bible."

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