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Life Is A Journey
An Analogy
by Nancy Harry

 Life was not meant to be a straight road. It is a journey taking you from one experience to another. It is more like a road filled with twists and turns. There are curves around obstacles. There are tunnels through obstacles. There are roads that go over mountains. There are bumps and hills.

Jesus is the key to start the car for your journey. The key gives you access to the car. God is the car. He is there in the beginning and will be there in the end. He will take you around and through and over the obstacles in your life. The Holy Spirit is the gas. He empowers and sees you through it all; the rough terrain and the smooth terrain.

My brother was a pilot for a major airline. He told me that when they hit air pockets while flying, which cause the plane to drop for a few seconds before leveling out again, he thinks of them as bumps in a road. I know that those air pockets and the dropping sensation that follows can cause fear, anxiety and feelings of helplessness in some passengers.

My question to you is this: As problems arise in your life, do you view them with fear, anxiety and helplessness, or just as another bump in the road on the way to your destination?


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