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Are You Stuck?
by Nancy Harry

I watched a movie called, What Every Women Wants – starring Mel Gibson. He played a character that suddenly had the ability to hear women’s thoughts, brought about by a freak lightening storm accident.  He had thought he was hot stuff and that he was every woman’s dream. He soon saw himself differently, as he began to realize how the women he thought he was impressing really perceived him – as the uncaring, calloused, egotistical person he really was. It was a shock and an eye opener for him. As he saw himself in their light, he began to have more compassion and understanding towards them.

By the end of the movie, this selfish, uncaring man changed into an understanding, caring, gentle but still totally strong and masculine man. In the end, he became a man that was greatly admired.

Similarly, before a person meets Jesus, they may think they have it all together and see themselves as, oh so wonderful. Then they meet Jesus and a new standard is set for them. He sends the Holy Spirit their way and they begin hearing what he has to say. After such an encounter, like a diamond in the rough, they begin to be shaped and buffed until they sparkle and shine in a new and real way.

What is the measuring stick for your life? Is it the standard set by the Son of God as he walked upon this earth, setting an example for us all? Is it the commandments of God set down long ago, manifesting love for him and love for others? Are you aware of the thoughts of God speaking to you through the Holy Spirit - speaking ever so softly to your heart?

We are told to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our life becomes a process of spiritual and moral change. How? - Though hearing or reading the Word of God, followed by applying it, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Or could you be stuck? - Stuck in your own ways. Are you unfeeling and uncaring towards those around you? Are you lost in your own world of selfishness and inflated ego? Are your excuses based on the old familiar cliché: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Or do you say, “I like myself the way I am”?

My question for you to ponder is – What does God say?

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