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Who Loves Ya Baby?
by Shannon Knight

You know as Believers we say that we know that God loves us, but the truth is a lot of people don’t truly believe that. They may think that they believe God loves them but in reality they think that God is just sitting in Heaven waiting for them to mess up so He can punish them. I hear people say all the time, “Well I guess I did something wrong for God to put this financial burden on me” or “If I had have read my bible more and prayed more maybe God wouldn’t have let me get cancer”. People actually think that it’s God's fault that they are in the situations that they’re in. That fact alone tells me that people really don’t believe that God loves them.

Now the truth of the matter is that most of us are in our current situation, whether good or bad, because of our own decisions, actions and choices. Granted it is much easier to blame God than to take responsibility for our own actions and shortcomings, but the fact remains, we got ourselves in our mess. Most of the time it is our own choices and actions that allow the enemy to get his foot in and cause havoc in our lives. While I understand that there are times when we are simply under demonic attack, I also realize that a lot of situations could be avoided all together.

The fact is that God loves us. Whether we do everything right or not, He loves us. He is our Father and like any good father He wants what is best for His children. He wants us to prosper, be healthy and live an extraordinary life. He has given us every tool in order that we may achieve just that. WE are the ones who, forget to use the tools. WE are the ones who think from time to time that we know more than He. WE are the ones who make the decisions to listen to His Spirit or not to. WE are the ones that decide whether or not to put ourselves in a position to hear His voice. WE are the ones who allow certain activities and certain spirits to infiltrate our homes. It is these decisions which cause a lot of the havoc that WE go through. It is NOT God saying, “They messed up so I think I’ll mess with them for a while.”

God loves us. He loves us when we’re “good” and He loves us when we’re “bad”. When we ask the Lord Jesus Christ into our hearts and to be the Lord of our lives, we became His children. When your child makes a mistake, do you stop loving them? Of course not. You love them no matter what. You don’t reward them for bad behavior or for making wrong decisions, but you certainly don’t stop loving them. It is the very same way with God. Just because you make a mistake and make a wrong decision, doesn’t mean that God stops loving you. He may not reward you for the mistake, but he will always love you.

The enemy on the other hand hates us. He loathes our existence. Therefore he is always looking and searching for ways to trip us up. He is in constant survival mode trying to keep us caught up in a mess so that we will leave him a lone which allows him to cause havoc and chaos. The enemy knows that when we are at our best, he is in trouble. Satan’s job is to kill, steal and destroy. He takes his job very seriously and he’s had a couple of thousand years to perfect that job, so he’s quite good at it. One of the ways that Satan beats us sometimes is by injecting into our thought life that the problems we face are a punishment from God. If Satan can keep us thinking all this mess is God’s fault then he can keep messing up our lives. What we have to do is be smarter then he is. We have to know that it is Satan reeking havoc in our lives, because when we realize this, we can stop it through the power of God. As long as we think God’s doing it, Satan is winning. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want Satan winning any battles in our Kingdom.

I encourage you today to read the Word. Find all the scriptures that talk about how much God loves you. Mediate on those scriptures until you have a firm knowledge and belief of how much God truly loves you. We all know that God sent His only Son to die for us, but I think sometimes we forget what a sacrifice that truly was. Let’s remember what that means.

So; who loves ya baby? Who gave up everything so that YOU might live?

I heard the LORD say, "Get ready!  We are about to play in a different league, far superior!" - PJ

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