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Sowing Time And Harvest
by PJ

B'resheet/Genesis 8:22 (AMP) "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Does the earth exist? So does sowing time and harvest.

I grew up in the State of Oklahoma where much of the population comes from rural farming communities. As a result, I've been around farming all my life. In a sense, I believe it prepared me to understand the Scriptures.

I can remember as a very small child, my Grandmother sent me outside with seeds to plant just to keep me occupied while she was busy in the kitchen. It's kind of funny to think about now, but she had given me some green bean seeds to plant and no one ever considered that they might actually come up. I was 3 or 4 and I planted those bean seeds next to the driveway with total childlike faith. The beans came up and the plants grew runners and before long there were green beans all over the place.

Sometimes that's the way it is with crops. It takes little effort and we are blessed with a crop of abundance. And then there are times events occur and farmers know well what it's like to have to till under a crop. Sometimes it's hail, sometimes it's lack of rain, but sometimes destruction of a crop comes and it has to be tilled under and depending upon the season, it may or may not be possible to reseed for the current season. Sometimes the crop is a total loss it seems.

The financial situation the world finds itself in is a lot like that. It's been a season where the crop has been lost for many. There are many people who have lost great amounts of money and some who have moved into great depression and despair over lost jobs and the uncertainty of the times. But just like all farmers know, it's going to be a time of tightening the bootstraps, getting back up and replanting.

Do you know that G-d had this very problem at one time? He sustained huge losses. He lost His most beautiful cherub archangel, Lucifer. He lost 1/3 of the holy angels. He lost His mankind. He lost His earth. But what was His response? Did He pull out a gun and murder His children? Did He go jump off the nearest planet? No. He began to speak.

He decreed by faith what would be. He called things that were not as though they were. It took Him many years of patience to find one man with whom He could make covenant in order to bring His plan into the earth. But He just kept going by faith and kept speaking through the prophets until He finally got the Seed, Yeshua/Jesus, planted in the ground so He could get a harvest of many sons.

That's where we are in the financial world. We're in a season of great loss. Some of you have lost more money than I have ever seen. But I want to tell you a Biblical truth that has never failed me and never fails anyone using it. It's called walking by faith and planting seeds. It's G-d's way of sowing for a harvest.

We are in the natural winter season which is not a time for planting. However, you can plant seeds indoors during this time to get a head start on the Spring planting season which will cause you to have an early harvest. It's the same in the Spiritual Garden. You can plant right now seeds. Some of you don't even have a seed to plant. I have good news for you...G-d made provision for that too. 2 Corinthians 9:10 (AMP) 10And [God] Who provides seed for the sower and bread for eating will also provide and multiply your [resources for] sowing and increase the fruits of your righteousness [which manifests itself in active goodness, kindness, and charity] Notice that it is G-d Who provides the seed. All you have to do is ask Him for the seed to sow and have faith He shall provide it.

A few years ago, a couple wanted me to pray for the sale of a house they were having difficulty selling. They told me if G-d would sell that house, they would give the tithe from the income to G-d but I had greater faith than that. I told them, let's just believe G-d to give you the amount you want for that house and the tithe on top of it. So we agreed. Not only did that house sold for exactly the amount they asked PLUS the tithe. The buyer offered precisely what they wanted plus 10%. What happened? G-d provided the seed.

The economy of heaven isn't like earth's. There's no up and down. There's never any lack. In fact, if you searched every scripture in the entire Bible you would find out G-d only adds and multiplies. There is no subtraction or division in Him. Subtraction and division are marks of ha'satan. The thief comes to steal, kill, destroy...all subtraction elements. G-d's economy is always the same because He is always the same. He never changes and there is no shadow of turning in Him. So if you are facing a need...plant a seed. It's that simple. If you need a crop you have to plant seed.

Some of you will stop and learn how to do this right and that excites me. G-d has left within our hands the privilege of deciding our destiny. It's our choice. You have the right to walk in G-d's abundance or not. It's YOUR choice. If you decide to do it G-d's way, He's given you the Measure of faith, the Words, the Power, the Name, the Blood, the Kingdom, and Himself to back your decision up 100%. We have to choose to receive. Shemot/Exodus 8:10 Be it according to thy word.

Today is a new day and you have the privilege of deciding whether or not you will accept the inheritance of G-d. He won't force it on you but it's yours for the asking, believing and receiving. Maybe your seed is money, maybe it's time, maybe it's clothing, maybe it's something you own. Maybe all you have is an IOU to G-d. But you know what? If you are sincere and your motivation is right, G-d will even accept that because He knows you as you really are. If you will put G-d first, seek His wisdom and ask Him what to do, He will show you.

G-d will show you what to plant and where to plant it. G-d will show you where to invest and who to trust. He will cause you to rebuild because He is a G-d of Restoration! He will restore what the locust has eaten and the moth has destroyed. You have great reason to raise your hope and faith. Now give Him the seed and see what He does. Your part is to sow the seed G-d puts in your heart to sow, to speak G-d's Word over it and to believe G-d will perform His Word. It is up to you to say "Be it according to Thy Word."

G-d is raising up anointed individuals in this hour that He will lead to supernatural abundance. They will be g-dly people who He will show financial secrets as they obey Him. There is great wealth not yet invented that is coming. It's an exciting time to be alive. Don't give in to ha'satan's defeat and despair. Jump into G-d's mercy and hope and joy and strength and blessing!

“Scripture quotations taken from the Amplified Bible."

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