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The Conception Of Yeshua
by PJ

Every year I am challenged to find a hidden gem in the recording of Yeshua's birth that I have never found before. Each year the L-rd blesses me with some new piece of information that just comes alive. This year is no exception.

Many ask about Yeshua's conception. How did it happen? Was Miryam/Mary actually a virgin when it happened? How did G-d do this?

Not until the past 100 years has science progressed enough to help us with bits and pieces to begin to understand how G-d could have accomplished such a thing. And in learning about Yeshua's conception, we learn a bit more about the power of the blood of Yeshua.

We know we must apply the Blood of Yeshua daily over our homes, families, selves. We know from the scriptures that the Blood is also a spiritual weapon to be used with great precision. But let us go more elementary for a few moments and learn a bit about blood itself.

How is blood created? It is created instantly when sperm and egg come together. It is created at the moment of conception. We know from B'resheet/Genesis 9:4 AMP that the life is the blood. "But you shall not eat flesh with the life of it, which is its blood." Scientifically this is born out as blood is the transportation system of oxygen throughout the body. This is why abortion is murder, not just removing a lifeless fetus. At the moment of conception, blood (life) is created.

During pregnancy, the baby is fed by the mother's blood. G-d has wrapped every child in a placenta sac in the womb to protect the baby from the blood of the mother. If the baby touched the mother's blood, he would die instantly if he has a different blood type than his mother. And it had to be that way because one day G-d's Son would come, held in the womb of a pregnant mother. G-d knew that Yeshua could not touch the blood of His mother because Mary contained the taint of human sin. Yeshua's blood type was the blood of G-d. Through the blood of Yeshua, G-d brought life, divine life from heaven and introduced it supernaturally into the human race.

If you can possibly imagine, the Blood of Yeshua does not congeal. It is as fresh today as when He shed it. And it is this Blood that remains alive forever to cover our sin. Such an atonement! A forever atonement of sinless Blood of the Lamb of G-d.

The spoken Word of G-d became flesh. G-d wanted to plant His Word on the earth. He called Gabriel, the archangel to the throne and told him to carry the spoken Word to Mary. When Gabriel left heaven, he carried G-d's Word in his mouth and spoke it over Mary's head. He told her: "The Lord is with you, His power will overshadow you. That conceived in you will be called the Son of the Most High."

G-d's words were carried by an angel. Logos was carried and transformed into a human being. At first Mary responded with unbelief for she asked, "How can these things be?" "I know not a man...." She asked an honest question. But with G-d nothing will be impossible the angel replied. "Nothing" in Greek is two words. In G-d, no rhema will be impossible.

Logos - The entire Word of God, Genesis to Revelation forever settled in heaven.
Rhema - A word that is spoken. G-d's spoken word, anointed by Ruach Ha`Kodesh, and spoken into the heart of a man.


The entire Word of G-d was carried in the rhema Gabriel brought from heaven. With G-d, no rhema is impossible. The power to make Mary pregnant was in the words spoken by the angel, carried from the throne of G-d, but Mary had to believe. 

You know, Mary had the greatest faith of the Brit Chadesh/New Covenant outside of Yeshua. She had the power to shut the entire thing down. G-d did not take her body by force. Without her faith, Yeshua could never have been born. Her response? "Be it unto me according to your rhema." And G-d's Word (logos) literally mixed with Mary's faith. When the two touched, Yeshua was conceived instantly and blood was created. It could not have happened any other way.

Today it is the same for you and me. When the L-rd speaks a rhema to us, our part is merely to do the believing. When His logos in the rhema and our belief touch, Yeshua is again created immediately to answer all our problems. So open your Bible and put G-d's Words in your mouth. Under the anointing declare the Word of G-d and allow others the opportunity to mix their faith with the Word and watch Yeshua be born in the hearts of men and answers come.

The Word....the Name......the Blood.... they are all yours to use. They contain the power of G-d. Use them and watch life overtake death in all areas of your life.

A happy, blessed and peaceful holiday season to all. Shalom!

“Scripture quotations taken from the Amplified Bible."

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