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The Heart Of The King
by PJ

I am not certain where to begin to share about the road down which the L-rd has been taking me recently. Perhaps the best way to summarize it is that I have been allowed to take a small peek at the heart of the Father.

A few years ago, I was close to the Father one day in prayer and was very shaken at a small peek of His heart I saw even then. It shook me to the point of going into the ministry. As I sensed the tears in His eyes, I could not help but weep at the state of those without salvation. Today, I sense a greater urgency.

If we go back some 6,000 years, the King of the Universe has waited a very long time for His creation to come to Him. When Adahm (Adam and Eve) fell to the curse of the law of sin and death as related in the Book of B'resheet/Genesis, the KING put into motion a plan of redemption. The KING saw His beloved creation in the chains of the law of sin and death and the ruler thereof, ha`satan (satan). And the KING, like any good Father, set out to redeem His children.

The first blood covering was made when the KING shed innocent blood of animals to cover Adahm (Adam and Eve). The blood covering continued when Abraham shed the innocent blood of animals and covenant was made between he and the KING. The blood covering continued when Moshe (Moses) shed the innocent blood of a lamb as the final great prelude to the Exodus. The sacrifices, offerings, were all the shedding of innocent blood to cover sin. Ultimately the KING sent His own Word, wrapped in flesh, Himself, the Son of David, Yeshua (Jesus) as the purest atonement by shedding His divine blood for the final atonement and covering of sin.

You may stop right here and ask, "PJ, why do you think His name is Yeshua (Jesus)?" Because Yeshua/Jesus is the only One Who ever lived that fulfilled the scriptures as taught in Tanakh (Old Testament). He was born in Bethlehem Ephrathah, born to a virgin, a prophet like unto Moshe, entered Jerusalem in triumph exactly on the day as foretold in the Book of Dani'el / Daniel, rejected by His own people, betrayed by one of His followers, tried and condemned, silent before His accusers, smiten and spat upon by His enemies, mocked and taunted, crucified, suffering with transgressors and praying for His enemies, given vinegar and gall, having His garments cast lots for, no broken bones, an offering for sin, raised from the dead, and now seated at G-d's right hand. Jews possessed the prophecies. And Jews should not have missed Him, but it happened so that the fullness of the gentiles could be brought to Him.

We have reached a time in history that the fullness of the gentiles is very nearly complete. We knew it in 1948 when Israel was re-born. We have known this since 1967 when Jerusalem was moved from the hands of gentiles to the hands of Jews. And we need to wake up and realize there is not another coming that shall fulfill the Messianic prophecies.

I don't know if you have ever thought about it, but sin hurts the heart of the KING. Picture it, the King of the Universe wanting a family, desiring to be a Father, and being totally separated from His family and His children by sin. The only way to break the separation was a blood covering. But the blood of animals is not the most perfect covering because animals are born into the world. Only the blood of the KING Himself is perfectly sinless. And unless a person wishes to irrationally debate that the blood of animals is more perfectly sinless than that of the King of the Universe, then there is no other blood covering that is as perfect.

The KING loved us so much that He sent His Only Son (Himself in human form, flesh) that whosoever would believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (Yochanan/John 3:16) That is love and that is the heart of the KING. The Prophet Jeremiah said, (Yirmi'yah / Jeremiah 31:3 AMP) "The L-rd hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness I have drawn thee."

My question to you today is How can we love the King of the Universe if we do not love His human (flesh) form known as Yeshua/Jesus? How can we know this everlasting love and loving kindness if we break the commandments and continue in the way of sin? What pardon is there for us otherwise? Can we rely on just the blood of animals to everlastingly provide us with a blood covering for sins? How can the blood of animals provide an eternal blood covering?

I submit to you that we have no difficulty believing in the Angel of the L-rd (pre-flesh Yeshua/Jesus). We have no difficulty believing in the ability of the blood of animals to take away our sins on a yearly basis. We have no difficulty believing in the Spirit of the L-rd (Ruach Ha`Kodesh/Holy Spirit). Why must we be so stubborn that we cannot believe that the KING loves us so much as to come Himself to atone for our sins forever?

The King of the Universe dwells in His Heaven, the 3rd Heaven, waiting on us to keep His commandments, waiting on us to love Him and worship Him by keeping those commandments, and waits on us to open our eyes to the greatest act of love He ever performed for us, to love us so much He became the sacrificial lamb, Yeshua/Jesus, to atone for our sins everlastingly. G-d is love, G-d is atonement. G-d is everything we ever needed and shall ever need. Did He not make it clear when He told Moshe His name is I Am that I Am? He was saying I Am whatever you need. THIS is the KING we are to serve. And we, dear ones, need an eternal blood covering.

We have blindly gone our own way, sinning, unable to make atonement, speaking of the commentaries of men as higher authority than the Word of the L-rd. And it is time we repented for it in sackcloth and ashes and allow the KING to transform us.

There is an urgency in the heart of the KING. We are near the edge of a cliff with no way across the canyon. I submit to you that the only way across the great gulf is the cross upon which our KING was crucified. We shall fall to our destruction and eternal separation if we do not find the way. Yeshua/Jesus said HE is the way, the Truth, the Life.

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to accept Yeshua/Jesus as your everlasting atonement, your forever Pessah (Passover) lamb. And the way to do that is simply to believe upon Him as your Redeemer and allow Him to transform your life. The moment you believe, you are translated from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

We've read about our KING's love. We've heard about it. But I don't think many of us have really believed it. If we did, it would totally change everything about us and everything around us. It's that love that caused Yeshua/Jesus to lay down His life for us and to experience for Himself all the pains and weaknesses we experience. Literally it made Him one with us.

Think about it. The KING is in love with you -- so in love, He's given you everything He has! Believe the love! G-d is love! Believe the love! The heart of the King of the Universe is nothing but pure love! Believe the LOVE!

“Scripture quotations taken from the Amplified Bible."


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