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Signs and WondersThe past several years I have watched alongside everyone on this planet as we have seen people break every law there is.  It is not limited to one area, one city, one county, one state or even one nation.  It has been happening worldwide.  As I have considered the lawlessness of this time upon the Earth and recognized where we are on G-d's time clock, I have sought G-d about justice and the pursuit of it.  How are we to deal with lawlessness in this day?  The Spirit of G-d lead me to the Book of Joshua which records the story of Achan.

The Hebrews, led by Joshua, crossed into the Promised Land and in obedience took Jericho.  They were to burn the city to ashes with everything in it, except for the silver, the gold and the brass and iron utensils, which they were to put in the treasury of the house of ADONAI. They had great success in taking Jericho and moved forward conquering the land.  As they continued, Joshua sent a small group of men to Ai but his army was completely routed and 36 killed in the process.  Joshua tore his clothes and was on his face before ADONAI when G-d spoke and told him to get up off his face because Israel had sinned which had brought this tragedy upon them.  G-d instructed Joshua to bring before Him the 12 tribes of Israel and G-d would reveal whose actions brought sin and guilt upon the people of Israel.

Joshua soon found the guilty one and as Joshua questioned Achan, Achan confessed that he took a beautiful Babylonian garment, 200 shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold that weighed 50 shekels and buried them in his tent.  Joshua sent a messenger who found the goods buried in the ground under Achan's tent.

Justice was meted speedily as Achan, the robe, the silver, the gold, his sons, his daughters, his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that he owned were brought to the Valley of Achor where all were destroyed.  Achan and everything he had was entirely exterminated and erased.  Not only was he stoned, but his remains were burned.  Not a trace of his sin nor the things that tempted him to sin were to remain in the camp of Israel which was dedicated to ADONAI.

Joshua left no trace of disobedience in the camp.  Not only was Achan destroyed but so was his family.  They were indirectly guilty because he would not have been able to dig a hole under the tent without their knowledge.  Their silence about his sin made them accomplices.
His animals were destroyed because they were corrupted by Achan's sin. (Consider the demons in the pigs story in Matthew 8.) Finally, Achan was buried beneath a huge pile of stones so anyone who might pass by would be deterred from the same sin.  And about Achan's case we are reminded even today through the Word of G-d.

Achan's sin did not just affect himself, it had profound consequences for others.  Most sin usually does.  In this case it killed 36 of Israel's army and placed 36 families without their family members.  It made a mockery of G-d in front of the people of Ai.  

The story of Achan is a reminder that sin will destroy lives and even a nation.  Like Joshua, people must deal with sin ruthlessly.  We cannot leave traces of sin or it will just continue to eat away at society like a cancer.  And we should never ever forget the deadly effects of sin.  This is why we must consistently pursue justice.

Nations and societies in history have declined and self-destructed when they no longer pursued justice which is why there can be no time outs in the pursuit of justice. When a people no longer pursue justice it provides openings for the plans of evil to step in and rule.  This is why law agencies were formed in the first place.

When we hear the calls for defunding police or when we see law agencies compromised in the true pursuit of justice, we are at risk for the dissolvement of society as we know it.  It is a tool used to provide an opening for evil.  Unfortunately, that is the plan of a few for most of the planet today.  Good news is that G-d has outlined for us what we are to do.  Deuteronomy 16:20 CJB, "Justice, only justice, you must pursue; so that you will live and inherit the land ADONAI your God is giving you."

Meting out justice sounds harsh but more harsh is the effect of sin upon the innocent and the separation from G-d  sin creates.  Penalties seem devastating but not as devastating as the destruction of a nation for sins few committed while there were a host of accomplices.  Today we are seeing innocent people affected by evil and much injustice come to pass.  We are seeing people die as a result.  We must as Jews and as followers of Messiah Yeshua, stand up for justice and the pursuit of it.

If you are an accomplice to injustice by your silence or your activism or are in a job where you are being forced to be so, you have a window of opportunity at this time to come forward and expose corruption and to turn around and go G-d's way.   Do it so you aren't destroyed with those that do such evil and don't side with the plans of evil.  Don't be deceived for G-d's sword of Truth shall prevail in the end.  He will reveal to the Joshua of your day and time who the real culprits are and there will come justice for G-d is still on the throne and He is the fair Judge of Righteousness!


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