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Prophetic Word by PJ

At the beginning of the year, I shared with my Congregation and the Signs and Wonders Prayer Team what the L-RD showed me about 2022.

Expect breakthroughs in the areas of kidney disease and diseases with odd number nuclear particles and atoms.  I had to do some research on what diseases that might include.  I found out alzheimer's is one.  Parainfluenza viruses and respiratory diseases are some.  I am sure there are more but I am not a scientist to know enough about what I heard. *grin*  Perhaps some medical specialist can enlighten me further.

The L-rd spoke to me and said it will be SPECTACULAR and STELLAR as we walk in the Spirit and in love with one another.  We should expect the L-RD to shine and show off through our lives if we are where we should be. He told me those who refuse to walk in love and forgiveness will begin to encounter serious problems that will begin to separate the wheat from the tares in even our congregations.  

He told me to expect the demise of COVID.

He told me about and showed me a darkness that appeared to be more like a tunnel in 2022 that we will go through for well over one year.  He told me that if we look at the darkness, we will be consumed by it.  If we keep our eyes on the Light (Yeshua Himself) at the end of the tunnel we choose wisely.  It was like a train going through a dark tunnel but the Light was straight ahead and whatever the people on the train had their focus upon consumed them.

I have recently seen Christians trying to use Jewish Gematria to explain 2022.  If you were Jewish you would understand the humor of this.  The year is 5782.  Two is a number known in Jewish Gematria about chaos, disorder, disunity, division.  I don't think we should be trying to use numerology to figure out G-d.  Division is always with us in the form of satan and his antics.  We are children of the Most High G-d so we need to understand that the LIGHT within US dispels darkness and thrives even in the depths of darkness.  For years I have given the illustration because I saw it with my own eyes once, i. e.,  a firefly in a dark auditorium.  No matter how dark it got, that little firefly was seen from every vantage point. If you want to stop division, stop participating in it.  Just go work with Yeshua and move on. I pray we all allow G-d to renew our mindset through the washing of the Word.

Allow Him to change your perspective and allow you to see the positive in all situations and speak G-d's truth instead of what you see, hear, feel or any other human sense.  This is a time you can only rely on the Word of the Most High G-d.

The L-RD also spoke to me what I think is the most crucial thing He shared.  We are to speak HIS words, not our opinions.  We cannot make decisions based on the opinions of men and have success.  You are going to find all kinds of opinions given to you in the days ahead by even Pastors, ministers of all kinds.  Don't allow someone else's history to be yours.  What happened to someone else is not your answer. You have to go by what the ALMIGHTY G-D SAYS TO YOU.  I reiterate, what matters is what G-d says to YOU.

He further showed me that this year, we supernaturally have the power in our hands to multiply things as occurred in Matit'yahu/Matthew 14:13-21.  If you are concerned about lack, remember this.

He had me and my Congregation cancel every wrong thing we had spoken into the atmosphere.  Almost immediately things began to change in Signs and Wonders.  If you see division or confusion rise up around you, just step back and rest in Him until things calm down so He can open your eyes.  Things are not necessarily as they appear.  He is shining light upon situations that have secretly been harmful to us.  The LIGHT is exposing some things that need changed and repaired.

In a negative world, we must stir up ourselves with what is praise-worthy, good, uplifting, honest, peaceful, truthful, etc.  So be sure to take time for quiet in the midst of the storm that is trying to take us all down.  Slow down and smell some roses during the difficult times.  Be kind, be calm, be happy, stay in faith and focused upon the Master. Our job is to create in the world that which the Master desires with our words, faith and actions and repair the fabric of the universe.  



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