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If We Want Heaven On Earth
by PJ

I am very fortunate that my entire family is saved. My friends are saved. My neighbors are saved. I am daily surrounded by people with the love of G-d flowing through them. The people I work with are saved and my entire congregation is saved. But when I walk out of my world into the presence of those in the world system, the people have no idea of the love, peace and joy I know.

Those in the world system have no idea of the love with which I am saturated. They live in a world where competition and selfishness rule. When I am out among the masses I see they all are on a search for love. In fact, they are desperate for love. The masses are hurting, feeling rejected and so lonely!

I have learned when I am nice, kind, helpful, and treat others with the respect they deserve with the love inside me, G-d's love touches them. When I reach out with G-d's love, they always respond because every human has a need to be valued. They are so starved for someone to care.

I missed this for years. I was always so focused on the sin of sinners that I completely became disillusioned and showed hostility toward them. They were rejecting the greatest Love of my life and I became their enemy as a result. But G-d didn't let me stay there. He wanted me to love mankind the way He does and He continues to push me to stretch my love walk.

G-d loved the world so much that He sent His only Son to die to bring mankind into reconciliation. And I surely am glad He did. G-d saw sinful PJ so highly valuable that He looked at me through Love and saw what I could be through redemption. And He wants to do the same thing with all humanity.

After I was called into the ministry, G-d began to reveal His love to me. I had many experiences that I've talked about and some I haven't. One was an open vision. I was caught up in a vision that changed my thinking about how to deal with people in the world system. In the vision the L-rd was showing me my house in heaven. I could tell you all about it but you can visit me when we all get there. You've got an invitation. But as the L-rd and I were having a conversation right outside my home, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen appeared. She was wearing the most beautiful clothing and was wearing a beautiful crown. Her beauty shocked me because I had never seen such a beautiful being before. Her big blue eyes, her beautiful hair, her perfect skin and great figure and beautiful youth. She had an incredible smile. This woman was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off of her and I kept wondering who she was. So I decided to ask the L-rd and just as I began to speak, my question came out of her mouth! It shocked me! Every time I spoke, my voice would come out of her mouth. As I looked at the L-rd in amazement, He said, "This is how I see you." He was showing me myself in the future and there I was, absolutely gorgeous and perfect. But Yeshua was letting me know He already sees me as a completed project because He sees me completed through Himself.

If we could only see people through the eyes of Yeshua.

Do you know there are millions of people who live daily under condemnation because they don't feel they meet up to the expectations of others? There are people who aren't free of various sins who feel condemned and unwelcome among believers. They want to change. They want to love G-d.

There are great numbers of people in the Body of Messiah who are sitting around waiting for the Rapture and wishing all sinners would just go away. But we have been called to be lights in the darkness. We have been called to reach out to those in darkness and we will never do it if we live in some religious citadel where no one can ever meet our expectations. We are to be out among the sinners seasoning the world's darkness with the light we carry. We are called to go and infiltrate every man's world with the gospel of Messiah Yeshua. We have the Spirit of G-d dwelling within us that will overcome the darkness.

According to G-d, anyone who has trouble loving His creation is in darkness. And if you look at Yochanan Alef / 1 John 2:11, that equals a person walking in hate. So why lie and say we are serving G-d and loving G-d and our brothers and refuse to live by G-d's truth? Sometimes our ignorance of G-d's ways makes us the evil one's greatest helpers. But love and forgiveness will stop satan in his tracks and love is the secret of the success of a true believer.

Is it really possible to walk in love with people who provoke you and annoy you to the point you think you can't take it anymore? Yes, it is really possible but it takes constant prayer and Word study. The only way to do it is to allow G-d's love flowing through you to love them. I find that my greatest failures with other people come when my schedule is too busy for me or interrupts my prayer and study time. I need time with Yeshua because only He can change me by His Presence and empower me to walk in Himself, i. e., Love. How can I walk in Love without talking to Him or spending time with Him?

Our greatest goal in this life should be living led by and filled with G-d's love, the opposite of selfishness. If we operate in the world kind of love, we will find it unreliable and temporary. We will act one way today and another tomorrow allowing how we feel on any given day to decide how we shall react. Feelings ruling are a recipe for disaster. We will be a friend until we tire of another or they do something we don't like. We will base our love on selfish motives. But G-d's love is not like that.

G-d's love is so all encompassing and forgiving that it changes people. Any person who has had a true encounter with ADONAI cannot possibly think love is weak or doesn't matter. Love destroys sin and changes hearts.

We have been commanded to love G-d and our brothers but there is a mindset out there that G-d is a harsh taskmaster just making up rules for us that are difficult and impossible to keep. Yeshua doesn't just issue commands to be a bossl He's given up everything for us. He wants us to love others in the same way He loves us because love is the key to never failing in any area of our lives. His love is what will eradicate fear. His love is what will set people free from bondage to sin and death. His love is what will cause us to overcome and walk in victory.

We go through life desiring G-d to rain down the miraculous upon us and our lives. But those things are reserved for those who walk in accordance with the commandments of love. And if we really want heaven on earth we're going to have to reach out to mankind with the love of G-d dwelling in us.

I heard the LORD say, "Get ready!  We are about to play in a different league, far superior!" - PJ

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