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And We Carry On
by Nancy Harry

 Life is full of wonderful, tender and ecstatic moments; being in love, watching the beauty in the sunset, listening to the sound of waves licking at the sandy beach, experiencing a beautiful wedding, watching a little one take their first steps, catching your first fish, winning the golf game

But life doesn't stop there. It is also full of pain, illness, shock, hurt, rejection, offense and a conglomeration of other negative emotions and events. Some say, so what, that's life and move on. Some succumb to the weight of the negative and withdraw from life. Some continue on in bitterness and resentment. Some hide the pain in the depth of their heart, already covered with so many scars there is room for no more.

God ordained your life and gave you a purpose; a good purpose. Choose life not death, your Creator advises. Staying stuck in the depths of despair is not living. It is not where God wants you to be. He says; let me carry your cares:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7 NIV

He says let me fight your battles. Let me lift your burdens. Let me heal you broken heart. Let me love you unconditionally. Let me give you good gifts. Let me give you rest. This is your Father's heart's desire for you today.

It's time to use the good and the bad experiences, as an opportunity to build good and godly character; to converse with the God that cares about you and loves you, to right wrongs, to fix discovered weaknesses, to become stronger, to help more, to give more, and to enjoy more.

And now, we can carry on.

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