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The Simple Truth

by Nancy Harry

 Who is this? - This man that travels our country and speaks with authority in our synagogues? This man who attracts large crowds as he speaks about God? They say he was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth.

They say book upon book could have been filled with the miracles this extraordinary man performed. They say he wronged no one, yet he died a criminal's death. This man claimed he was the Son of God. Blasphemy they shouted.

History provides the proof this man fulfilled hundreds of Biblical prophecies written centuries before his birth. Who was he? This was the Messiah, the Savior sent to save all people - not from the ruling governments, but from their sins. His name was Jesus.

A sin nature has been inherited from our ancestor, Adam. We don't have to give in to it, but we all find we do at one time or another, as pure and good as we really want to be. Sin requires punishment from a sinless and loving God and that punishment is death. Sin collides with God's righteousness.

A Savior was needed to put mankind back into right standing with a loving God. Doing all the good works one can muster is not enough, if even one sin stands in the way. Only the shedding of blood can wipe away sin. The one who was sent from heaven and was without sin, willingly gave his life's blood to redeem all people. He was a gift; a gift of mercy and grace from a loving creator God. As the life blood of Jesus drained from his broken and dying body, the penalty for sin was paid for us all. Eternal life in the presence of a caring and good God is now available.

Forgiveness and a righteous nature are available from the Savior of the world. Have you accepted these gifts? Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? The opportunity to give up the title 'sinner' and become forgiven by God, through Jesus the Christ, is at your door step. Receiving your new name - 'child of God' waits for you. God's kingdom life wants to embrace you, a life of love and righteousness.

A future time is soon coming when the Son of God will return to this earth. Only this time he will arrive as reigning King, not for one nation, but for all nations. Are you ready for his return?

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