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Where Are You?

by Nancy Harry

Signs and WondersI heard the Lord say, “Where are my people; the people I love, the people I care for? I can’t find them. I can’t see them. Where are they?”

Can the Lord find you? Can he see you? Do you go into his presence often? Do you reveal your heart to him and let him reveal his heart to you?

Scripture prophesies a Messiah, a Savior who would come to take the sins of the world upon his own shoulders. History and the testimonies of those who knew him, testifies to the fulfillment of these prophesies concerning the one - God would send to us to fulfill these scriptures. He was called Jesus/Yeshua. He was the Christ.

But wasn’t he also prophesied to come as a reigning king? History and testimonies of those who knew him testify of his resurrection, as he spent another forty days on earth after his death. Then his disciples watched him ascend into the heavens. Angels appeared and said he’d return in like fashion. When he comes again, he will fulfill the second part of prophecy and return as the world’s reigning king!

But something very significant happened before he was seen returning to heaven. In order to pay the penalty for mankind’s sins he had to pay its penalty which was death. Because of the lies of some jealous contemporaries, prophesy was fulfilled, and this perfect man, the promised Messiah, was hung on a cross as a common criminal - weighed down with the world’s sins. With his last breath leaving him, the heavens became dark and the sun stopped shining. The earth shook and the rocks split, and the curtain in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. (Mat. 27:50-51, Luke 23:44-45) This curtain was a symbol of the spiritual divide between God and man. But now it was disintegrating. We have been reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus/Yeshua. We are free to enter into his presence. (Hebrews 10:17-22)

Come as often as you like. He waits for you. Don’t let him have to ask: “Where are you?”

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