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God's Awesome Love
by Nancy Harry

 Signs and WondersThe sunlight glistened across the pond. It was breath taking. I was struck with awe at God’s awesome love – the beauty of his creation - that he created for our pleasure. But can we really begin to grasp the magnitude of his love for us? Are we able to respond to it?

I came across this scripture – Psalm 27:8 where David wrote: “My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me, O my people.” And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.” (TLB)

When God calls you to talk with him; to visit with him a little while, do you respond like David did? Do you say, “Lord, I am coming?” How thankful are we for this display, this taste of his awesome love that he has given to us though his creation?

But suddenly, as I watched the ducks bask in the cool water and on the waters edge, they reminded me of the character I too often see prevalent in men and women:

Quickly one duck raced a crossed the ripples to cut a fellow duck off. Another duck, resting in the grass, suddenly pecks at one close by for seemingly no reason at all. A duck with an apparent limp is rammed and knocked down by another duck passing by him. One crane-like bird pops his head out of the water holding tightly to his new catch. In a split second, a bird swoops down from overhead to grab what wasn’t his. Even more incredible, a lonely duck floating by itself, as others enjoyed the pond in groups, turns and aggressively steals two baby ducklings to keep as its own, separating them from the rest of their siblings and terrified mother, and kept them at bay. On this particular day, I witnessed that the sin of mankind has even overtaken nature. Creation itself groans in frustration and suffering as it waits for the Lord’s return.

God tells us to love others because he loves us. Respect, honor, praise, thankfulness, gratitude, compassion, kindness – do they still exist in our society today? Where are such values taught – in the papers, in the schools, in the homes, on the computers, in games, on television???

God’s word states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So then - is there no hope? Is there no help? Is all lost? God sent his Son… His Son sent the Holy Spirit…

Can we fathom their love for us: to come and dwell among us and in us and to die for us? The Father in a moment of time allowed the sacrifice of his Son and experienced the deadening silence that followed, as death and the sin of the world separated them.

The Son willingly gave his life for the good of the many; for all those that would have never known forgiveness of sin or eternal life, without his sacrifice and following resurrection. God’s awesome love – can we begin to grasp its magnitude, even a little?

I heard the LORD say, "Get ready!  We are about to play in a different league, far superior!" - PJ

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