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Rewired And Recharged

by Nancy Harry

Eagles Rest Ministries - Harrisburg, PA

 We have been created to walk in righteousness, in holiness, in forgiveness, and in authority. God made us in His image. Like children today who imitate their parents, we as God’s children should be imitating our Heavenly Father.

God doesn’t change. He still hates sin. He still loves all people. When you pray for Jesus to forgive your sins and be your Lord and Savior, things begin to change in your life. He begins to change your nature. You no longer are called a sinner. Instead you are called God’s son or daughter. He covers you with His Son’s garment - the garment of righteousness. He will no longer remember your sins when you ask His forgiveness. His Holy Spirit will begin to give you the strength to overcome those things in your life that aren’t pleasing to Him. You don’t have to struggle. Just ask the Holy Spirit to help you. That’s what He is there for. Let His power do the work. Then be prepared to receive God’s blessings. He so desires to bless you. He wants to pour out His blessings on all those that are His.

Before, we lived in the kingdom of darkness governed by satan, the father of lies and a deceiver. Now, we live in the kingdom of light governed by God, the God of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Before, we were deceived. We did what we wanted to, or what we thought was right. We were guided by our own selfish desires. Now, we have truth. We do what pleases God. We are guided by the love of God that is now in our hearts.

Let’s look at the example of Paul from the Bible. He was responsible for the killing of hundreds of Christians. Yet, after he met “Jesus”, he said, “I have wronged no man”. To Paul, his old life, the man he used to be, no longer existed. God says when He forgives us; He remembers our sins no more. (But, He remembers them until they are forgiven). So Paul chose to remember his sins no longer as well.

Paul was now a new person in Jesus, the Christ. His mind had been renewed. His old heart was now replaced with a new heart. He was no longer the man he used to be. From a murderer of Christians, Paul who was a Jew by birth met Jesus. As a result, he did a complete 360-degree turn. He went on to become an Apostle and the writer of many of the books in the New Testament Bible. He was the first evangelist to carry God’s message for salvation through God’s son Jesus, to those outside of his Jewish nation. His message also included God’s love, mercy, forgiveness of sin, and eternal life with God. You might say Paul had been rewired and recharged. And it happens to everyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior and repents of their sins.

What do your actions say about you? Have you met Jesus? Do you know your God? If yes, then you no longer are part of the kingdom of darkness. Your authority is in Jesus Christ, and His love has overtaken your heart. The Holy Spirit has been deposited in you. And now, you are rewired and recharged. If you haven’t been, then now is the time to get connected and become wired and charged. Then you can become all God created you to be.

If you accepted God’s forgiveness for your own sins, which offended God, do you still refuse to forgive those who have offended you? Have you said in your heart there is no way I could ever forgive that person, or those people, for what they did? Have you said they don’t deserve forgiveness? Have you questioned how God could ever forgive someone who did something like that? Have you said I don’t believe someone or people who could do such things should be forgiven?

Oh, but what if you were one “of those people” and had a guilty heart and hated yourself for what you did and thought there was no way to right the wrong. You lived each day cursed and in agony over what you did, knowing even after death you would live on in the spirit condemned to eternal judgment, a place many call hell; a place of darkness totally separated from the light and love of God.

Maybe the people you are thinking of haven’t repented or they have hardened their hearts. Then it is up to God to judge them. He has said vengeance is His. It is not ours. Who knows, perhaps one day that someone will have a change of heart and cry out to God.

But know; God will not tolerate sin forever. Since it goes against His very nature and character, the Bible tells us that our sins separate us from Him. There will come a time of judgment. Those that don’t accept Christ for forgiveness of their sins, that don’t repent and change their way of living to reflect God’s kingdom instead of satan’s, will be the recipient of God’s revenge, His mighty anger, and His eternal judgment. So be careful, He will not put up with sin forever.

Ah, now enters the mystery of the LOVE of God. God loved the world so much He sent His own Son to die for our sins, to pay the penalty of death for us, in our place. Now our sins could be forgiven, washed away, the slate made clean in our lives by the blood of Jesus; by His sacrifice for us. As God forgave us, we need to forgive others.

How marvelous! How awesome a God we have! Do you know this God of love and mercy?

Most of all, God desires to fellowship with you. He desires to give you eternal life in His loving presence. He wants to overtake you with blessings running over. So don’t harden your heart and defend your ways that are contrary to God’s loving ways. Do not end up the reciprocal of His wrath against sin. He hates sin. But, He yearns for all to be saved, to receive forgiveness. He wants your relationship with Him to be re-established.

Yes, accept His son, accept His mercy, and accept His love. Be washed clean. Let His love saturate your very being. Be renewed in your mind with the Word of God. Be renewed in your heart with His love. Let your destiny be changed from eternal damnation to eternal bliss by the sacrifice of Jesus. No longer be a sinner, but be one of the forgiven, which makes you one of the righteous through Jesus Christ. Let His Holy Spirit guide and direct your life, and lead you into all truth.

Oh, how good it is to be rewired and recharged!

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