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Desires Of The Heart

by Nancy Harry

 Have you ever felt alone or had an unsettled feeling of not belonging? Sometimes it is even possible to have those feelings when there are others around or even among a congregation. At first I thought satan must promote such feelings to disburse the church, families, or friends. He knows the great influence and power we can have together. But I also know that God can use any situation for our good when we love him. Many times I find myself drawing analogies from such situations.

Just the same as we desire attention at times, or for someone to care, or not wanting to feel alone or rejected, the God who created us in his image, has that same desire for friendship, for closeness and to be accepted and believed.

Yet, do we treat him like we sometimes treat others around us? Do you let the cares of this world keep you from spending time, not only with each other, but with him as well? Does your busyness and excuses drip over into your relationship with the very God who has given you life and loves you with all his heart? Do you use the same excuses not to take time to pray, or in other words, to call on him and talk for awhile? Do these excuses keep you from spending time in his Word, or from listening to him speak to your heart, or from taking the time to rest in Him? Search your heart. Has he been feeling rejected and unimportant in your life? Has God been missing you?

Do you hear God speaking gently to your heart? He is calling you, drawing you, pursuing you and wooing you to come to him. He’s asking you to listen for his voice and listen to his heart, to hear what he has to say. He is waiting for you and he waits for you every day. He has so much to tell you, so much for you to know. He offers you a time of rest in his presence, a time to enjoy his company as he enjoys yours. He wants you to come with him into the sanctuary, into the Holy of Holies; this is where he waits for you to visit him.

It is when we call upon him that he will answer. Take his hand so he can lead you. Spend time with him and stay for a little while. Leave behind the cares of this world and rest with him. Then walk with him as you continue on your way.

The Lord says, “Follow me, stop running to the right and to the left, stop running here and there, but run to me.”

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